Virtual Desktop


A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a latest software technology that separates the desktop environment, application and storage resources from the transitional PC and migrates the resources to the server side.  The desktop virtualization solution assures an outstanding user experience, and software/hardware/peripheral comparable to PC.  It operates with one click to power on/off all the PC instead of shutting down one by one.


Centralized Management assures the data is stored on the server and user side does not stored any confidential data to protect the company internal information lead to outside. Maintenance free form thin client terminals as it is compact and integrated design. It will saves an energy usage by 5W power consumption for thin client, reduced TCO and an overall advanced infrastructure with greater security and stability.

The manufacturing field, more than any other industry, manufacturing is in a continual state of transformation as they manage frequently shifting customer needs, stiff competition and profit margins. Manufacturers that have adopted VDI have seen advances in productivity and efficiency with better risk mitigation, more standardization across production line devices, centralized device control and maintenance and instantaneous recovery in the event of VM failure. 

Redefining the computer class room in education field will experience with a increased efficiency with better risk mitigation, increased stability, centralized device control and maintenance. Designed with features to support the education industry, enabling easy class preparation, in-class broadcasting, file sharing, screen lock and Internet blocking, group learning, after-class homework assignment, unified management and control via one-click shut down, with constant new updates to add more features.